.@SiriusXMCanada’s @TheVerge and @SXMIcberg New Music Update Vol. 63

SiriusXM Music Blast Vol. 63                                                                                      September 25, 2014


New Adds to Iceberg – Sirius 161

The Lazys – Shake It Like You Mean It

Mohrs – Better

Andrew Austin – Disappear

You & Me – Break the Cycle

The Black Keys – Gotta Get Away


New Adds to the Verge – XM 173

The High Ends – Intoxicated

The Barr Brothers – Half Crazy

You & Me – Break the Cycle

The Black Keys – Gotta Get Away

The Grocery List

@DrewOnTheMic counts down the top New and Emerging songs each week on the Grocery List.

The Grocery List
Artist Title TW LW
Alvvays Archie, Marry Me 1 1
Teenage Kicks Curse Words 2 2
Stars From The Night 3 4
Lights Up We Go 4 3
The Glorious Sons Heavy 5 6
Rich Aucoin Want To Believe 6 7
Dan Mangan + Blacksmith Vessel 7 9
Elephant Stone Knock You From Your Mountain 8 10
Mother Mother Get Out The Way 9 8
Zeus Miss My Friends 10 5

Hear the Grocery List on SiriusXM’s Iceberg and The Verge Monday, Thursday and Saturday!

Press Play @GnaKennedy

Tune in this Saturday at 10am EST for an interview and some acoustic songs from Mother Mother, new music from Karen O and Caribou.

Live @ the Verge

LATV where the bands don’t just drop in to talk about music, they also play the songs LIVE! Tune in next week for Gay Nineties. Live @ the Verge airs Wednesday at 6, Friday at 3, and Sunday at 9 EST.

Upcoming LATV sessions: Zeus, Stars, Lowell

New Videos

Gay Nineties – Hold Your Fire





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