Canadian Music Week sets new dates for 2014

Canada’s largest music festival and radio conference has set new dates for 2014. Announcing on twitter, the new dates have the fest moving to May.

@CMW_FEST: NEW #CMW DATES ANNOUNCED: May 6 to 10, 2014! Get ready for a sunny CMW in 2014! #CMF @2013DMS

Why the change?

1. Radio. The ratings period in March has always been a challenge for CMW. Programmers are becoming more reluctant to travel fearing their stations will explode with them not being there.

2. Social. What used to be a 3 day conference geared exclusively to radio has changed to 1.5 days with more panels aimed at the interactive audience.

3. Weather. Try selling Canada to a foreign country and say “March isn’t that cold” with a straight face.

4. SXSW. Austin Texas hosts the largest new music festival in North America each March. Tough asking the industry to attend 2 weeks of conferences in the same month in 2 different countries.


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