5 Canadian Bands playing SXSW 2013 that you need to see!

Each year SXSW in Austin Texas is filled with “we’re awesome, here’s a download” and “this beer is from where we live”. I get that they are trying to create a unique impression, but what always works in the end is the music.

Here are 5 bands from Canada you need to see at SXSW 2013.

City and Colour

In 2011 Dallas Green took his project from Canada to the UK and Australia. Each date selling out. He’s an artist who can play before 15,000 fans in Canada. In Austin City and Colour will be in 500-1000 cap rooms. A new album will arrive in 2013 which means you will hear new songs.

Monster Truck

This band wanted to walk into a studio 2 years ago to follow up the Brown EP. They finally got to a studio in LA only a couple months ago. Why is this important? Rock N Roll bands don’t like waiting for anything, and they especially hate waiting to play loud Rock N Roll. Look for the Truck to be on fire in Austin!

The Sheepdogs

Stop talking about them being on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. This band is doing more for rock than what people recognize. Each night The Sheepdogs prove rock music is not dead. The band returns to Austin Texas in 2013 supporting a new album produced by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys.

Tegan and Sara

1st. Their manager has an office just up the street from the Malibu Diner in New York. A restaurant where anything you want to eat and drink is on the menu 24 hours a day.

2nd. The album Heartthrob just come out and the band has already been on the road for 6 months supporting it. If you can’t find parking in Austin this SXSW its because Tegan and Sara are travelling with a ton of gear and they parked there first.

3rd “It’s not just all physical…I’m the type who will get oh so critical…So let’s make things physical…I won’t treat you like you’re oh so typical…I won’t treat you like you’re oh so typical”

Wake Owl

Tell your friends about this band you found, then collect all the free beer for making the “band recommendation of the night”

Who do you recommend? Leake@siriusxm.ca

See you in Austin Texas for SXSW 2013





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