Love Songs For The Lovers

Most bands you know have written a love song, and not all of them are your traditional let’s get under the sheets Barry White R&B jams. In fact, because most songs are from the artist’s point of view often speaking to their emotions, there are a large number of love songs that you may not know are love songs.

Many artists will say their songs are meant to be interpreted anyway the listener sees fit. This is largely because artists know songs create an emotional connection. Have you ever been to a concert and see someone cry because they are so excited to see their favourite group? Or have you seen someone get emotional when lighters, and now cell phones light up the audience as a band begins one of their ballads? This is all because of that connection music has with people. The same connection is made when we hear or think we hear a love song.

This list is the top 10 love songs from the “I downloaded it generation” or “I’m streaming it now” point of view.

10. The Black Keys – I’m A Lonely Boy 

9. Mumford and Sons – I Will Wait 

8. City and Colour – The Girl 

7. Rihanna – Diamonds 

6. Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven 

5. fun. – We Are Young 

4. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful 

3. The Lumineers – Ho, Hey 

2. Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me 

1. Adele – Someone Like You 


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